Life will always have highs and lows. No matter what you’re going through, we have highly trained and caring people who want to bless you and support you along the way.

Church should never be a place where we hide our pain and pretend everything’s ok. Newsong is about being open and honest so that we can all take turns carrying each other’s burdens. Of course there are no quick fixes, but we do believe that there is power in sharing – what if hope is just one conversation away?

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A FLOW Consult is the ultimate life-changing conversation, designed to help you recognize God’s unique shaping and calling on your life. One of our certified consultants would love to help identify your untapped passion and abilities, and develop a strategic plan that will equip you to make a difference.

We offer FLOW consultations free of charge to our members and only $150 for non members. Sign up for yours today.

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