Christmas at Newsong


Christmas at Newsong


Before we talk about Newsong, let’s talk about food.

Whether you’re chowing down on a holiday treat or trying something new (e.g. spaghetti pizza), there are two ways you might enjoy your favorite dishes. Some are so tasty, you want to eat the whole thing (although many of us know the sadness that follows). But the ultimate is when food is so good, you can’t keep it to yourself – you take a bite, and it’s so delicious you have to share it. You’re happier seeing someone else enjoy it than you would be just having it all.

And suddenly, we’re talking about Newsong again. Sunday is our Christmas Celebration, and we’d love to see you there!! But if you really want to take that blessing to the next level, help us share the experience with someone else! Here are a couple ways you can do that:

1. Give the gift of a parking spot. We’re encouraging everyone to carpool, or if you’re someone who calls Newsong home please consider parking offsite at Santa Ana College:


Shuttles will be running from 8am-130pm to get you back and forth to 10ten – it’s like Newsong’s Monorail! How wonderful that the spot you open up could make way for someone to encounter God.

2. Invite someone. No matter how cool our social media might be, the number one reason a person will decide to come to church is still a personal invitation. Is there someone God’s putting on your heart? Maybe this is the perfect time to reach out and invite them!

I pray that our greatest joy this Christmas comes as we bless others. In other words, hopefully we all experience the Newsong version of this:

Merry Christmas, see you Sunday!!!