Healing In The Kingdom

April 7
April 14
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
The Legacy Room

Join us for two Saturdays of Prayer Training!

Healing in the Kingdom is about putting what is clearly taught in the Bible into practice. It will be a safe place for participants to learn and pray boldly!

Topics will include:
· Paradigm for Healing Prayer in the Local Church
· Rightful Identity and Spiritual Authority
· Principles in Spiritual Warfare
· Destroying Enemy Strongholds
· Avoiding Presumptuous Prayer
· Bitterness vs. Forgiveness
· Home Cleansing and Dedication
· Freedom from Generational Sin
· Severing Past Intimate Bonding and Breaking Unwholesome Soul Ties
· Understanding the Revelatory Gifts and Prayer Protocol
· Healing of Memories/Healing of Shame

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