Healing In The Kingdom

April 1 - April 8
8:30am to 5:00pm
The Legacy Room

Join us for two Saturdays of Prayer Training!

Healing in the Kingdom is about putting what is clearly taught in the Bible into practice. It will be a safe place for participants to learn and pray boldly!

Topics will include:
· Paradigm for Healing Prayer in the Local Church
· Rightful Identity and Spiritual Authority
· Principles in Spiritual Warfare
· Destroying Enemy Strongholds
· Avoiding Presumptuous Prayer
· Bitterness vs. Forgiveness
· Home Cleansing and Dedication
· Freedom from Generational Sin
· Severing Past Intimate Bonding and Breaking Unwholesome Soul Ties
· Understanding the Revelatory Gifts and Prayer Protocol
· Healing of Memories/Healing of Shame

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