ExtraOrdinary NSKamp!


ExtraOrdinary NSKamp!


Wow, what a week! You know those times where you just see God working around every corner? Well, that was the week we had at NSKamp!

This scripture couldn’t have been truer for us:

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” –Acts 4:13

Our kids showed courage this week in praying some impossible prayers. Their hearts were stirred in believing God is with them in their everyday lives. And believe me, it was evident they had been with Jesus.

Kids learned about characters in the Bible that God used in extraordinary ways (Sampson, Noah, Peter) and then how God wants to give them the Holy Spirit to use them in their everyday lives. We learned that when we bring our ordinary, God provides the extra. We worshipped, laughed, played games, had fun making crafts, and made new friends.

We also extended our time together into the afternoon for our Super Academy and offered classes for our kids to learn new skills and ignite a passion in activities such as karate, yoga, cooking, basketball, art, soccer, gymnastics, and science.

There were kids who asked Jesus to be their Savior for the very first time. Many kids discussed impossible things they need God’s help with and hope was received. You could sense the tangible presence of God as he stirred the hearts of our youngsters in asking for the Holy Spirit to guide them. We believe a passion was birthed in many of our kids and we are so excited to continue to watch them grow in the Lord.

Jenn Wong and I are honored to be entrusted with investing into the spiritual journey of so many young ones. It is truly a gift.

Emily Tallacksen is our extraordinary Newsong Kids Pastor. To learn more about our awesome kids ministry, check out newsong.net/newsongkids