At Newsong Kids our passion is to create a fun and safe environment for kids to learn about Jesus and how He’s created them! Our vision is for children to be firmly rooted in Jesus, God’s Word, and their identity as God’s children.

Newsong Kids ministry aims to instill a love of God in each child, impart knowledge and wisdom to each child, and inspire each child to live up to their God-given potential.


Parent Supervised Room 1

This is a special room for infants (18 months and under) and their parents. The Parent-Supervised room hosts a live feed of our services so that parents can still enjoy the main service while their children safely play and explore next to them– this room is shoes-off for the comfort of kids who are learning how to crawl. An added bonus is that parents have a chance to connect with others in the same life stage while watching the service together!

This room includes:

  • Sofas
  • Microwave and counter
  • Sink
  • Diaper-changing table
  • Age-appropriate soft toys, jumpers, and bouncers

Parent Supervised Room 2 with Nursing Area

Our second parent-supervised room includes a private nursing area with padded rocking chairs for the comfort of our nursing moms. This room, which also has sofas and a live feed of the main service, is suitable for parents with children who are still in strollers.

Toddlers, 2s, and 3-Year-Olds Class

Our Toddlers, 2s, and 3-year-old classroom may appear to be all fun and games, but we’re busy getting to know God as we play! Our teachers are dedicated and passionate in leading our toddlers in active worship and Biblical story-telling.

  • Our littlest ones sing and dance to worship songs and learn to pray.
  • This precious age group does the “Tru Blessings” curriculum, the beginning of to the curriculum that our preschoolers-5th graders experience. These age-appropriate lessons integrate songs and hand motions as they hear about the “Big God Story”.
  • They also have small group time and make group crafts connected to the Bible stories they hear.

Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) and Kindergarten Classes

While this age group is busy starting school and learning the basics of literacy, we commit ourselves to building Biblical foundations with our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergartners. We are firmly committed to partnering with parents in building that foundation. Our “Tru Wonder” Curriculum inspires, equips, and supports both our ministry and our families to raise up children who have a deep personal relationship with Jesus.

  • Kids participate in worship and hear the “Big God Story.”
  • Small Group Reflection – follows storytelling time to respond to the Holy Spirit with crafts, discussion, and prayer.

1st Grade and 2nd-3rd Grade Classes

For many of our elementary-age children, the spiritual seed that is planted in their first few years has really begun to grow. We love to grow with them! We also continue our partnership with families in raising godly children together. We love seeing the impact of the “Tru Story” curriculum for these kids!

  • The Bible stories are told with more complexity, with every lesson pointing to the “Big God Story” of who Jesus is.
  • Small Group Reflection – At this age, we allow for more time of reflection and personal response.

4th and 5th Grade Class

At this age, we see 4th and 5th graders engaging with the Bible, reflecting on their personal walk with Christ, and making their faith their own.

  • The “Tru Story” inspires, equips, and supports our pre-adolescents and families to know the true nature of God, and grow a deep personal relationship with Christ Jesus.
  • Interactive dialogue and compelling questions are woven into small group time as kids truly begin to own their personal faith in Jesus Christ.