Whether it’s a burden you’re carrying or good news you’re celebrating, Newsong wants to walk with you in the journey. It really is an honor for us to partner with you in prayer.

Need Prayer?

If you have a prayer request, our prayer team is here for you. Your requests are anonymous unless you specify your name or provide contact information. It is shared with staff and prayer team members once a week (unless it is time-sensitive). We’d also love to hear any updates from you as well, so we can follow-up and praise accordingly.

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Prayer Ministries


Sign up for a 15-minute prayer session with our prayer team! They are committed to hear the heart of God expressed in a prayer of blessings to comfort, encourage and edify the recipient of prayer. Every member of the prayer team is well-trained, equipped and committed to walking in relationships of mutual accountability and submission in the body of Christ. Prayer sessions also available with Spanish translation.

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The healing prayer ministry at Newsong is called Sola Dei, which means “only God.” Many times over the years we have witnessed the healing power of God in the prayer sessions and are always mindful that only God heals and gives people their true freedom; He deserves all of the credit for bringing wholeness and setting us free to live life as He intended it.

By healing prayer we are referring to physical healing (surface level), emotional healing (deep level) and spiritual cleansing. During a Sola Dei prayer session we are diligent to create a safe, confidential environment for every prayee. You can be sure that we will be bold as we pray on your behalf but we are careful to avoid “spooky prayers” and will do everything possible to reflect the love, kindness and gentleness of our Heavenly Father.

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Many evangelicals steer away from formalizing a healing prayer ministry, recognizing that to do so may open the doors of experientialism or non-biblical theology. This course is built upon what is clearly taught in the Bible with the goal to ignite a movement of prayer that is congruent with the ethos of the church community. The topics discussed include opportunities to learn by doing in the safety of close supervision and sound prayer protocols.

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