Remember When


Remember When


My child, do you remember when….

  • You couldn’t find your way, then I revealed how my footprints had already gone before?
  • You were too afraid to resist, so I intervened and said, ‘No more!’?
  • In deep darkness you walked alone and I rescued you?
  • You chose me over my blessings and I cherished your trust?
  • You gave me your dreams and I multiplied them?
  • You were hungry and I fed you?
  • Bills were due and I provided?
  • You surrendered your addictions and I freed you?
  • I nudged you out of hiding because it was time?
  • You obeyed my call and I entrusted you with more of my mystery?
  • You recoiled from me because I wouldn’t let you contain me in a glass box, but you later allowed me to gather the shards of your shattered faith and reshape them into art?
  • You were homeless and I gave you shelter?
  • A widow’s mite sustained you?
  • A season of scarcity ended and I showered you with abundance?
  • You were vulnerable and my hand protected you?
  • Deep despair threatened to utterly destroy, but my flame pierced the shadows and reignited hope?

Do you remember these times, my child? I have not changed. I am not like the shifting sands. No. I am the same yesterday, today and forever.

I know the number of hairs on your head, your next thought, your dreams, your fears. You are forever mine. I am forever yours. This is not your home, and I have more planned for you than a heart can contain.

But my ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are far above yours. I reside in mystery. 

Remember, what is spiritually discerned is greater than what can be observed; center your hope on nothing but my grace. Stay true in our friendship, trust in my goodness, and wait for my deliverance. It will come.

I know you. That is enough.

And remember, I AM.


Tamara Carpenter is part of Newsong’s Board. You can read more of her writing on her blog: