Newsong Staff

Newsong Church is a non-denominational faith community whose overall vision, values and direction is set by a board of Christ-centered men and women. The ministry is then executed by the incredible Newsong staff and volunteers under the daily direction of the Executive Team. For additional accountability, we have an advisory board that provides wisdom and feedback.

Newsong Board
Tamara Carpenter
Ray Huang
Maria Lee
Steve Lin
Newsong Staff
Dave Gibbons
Chief Visionary & Founding Pastor
Taka Iguchi
Executive Pastor
John Ing
Rehana Rodriguez
Spiritual Development Pastor
Will Broxton
NS Way and The Mix Coordinator
Micah Brown
Administrative Assistant
Dave Brubaker
Communications Pastor
Joe Choi
Spiritual Development Coordinator
Steven Conant
Worship Pastor
Michael Fukuda
CE Producer
Josh Hunt
Natalie Iguchi
Frontline Coordinator
Seiko Kim
Facilities Director
Regina Lee
Accounting Manager
Manny Moreno
Ed Salas
Spiritual Formation Pastor
Joseph Shaw
Alicia Sohn
Accounting/Operations Assistant
Emily Tallacksen
Newsong Kids Pastor
Maribel Toan
Community Relations and theMIX
Alli Vazquez
Connections and Groups
Jennifer Wong
Newsong Kids