What Christmas is all about


What Christmas is all about


A Charlie Brown Christmas has been shown on TV every year since 1965. That pumps me up – this moment where Linus explains what Christmas is all about gets magically beamed into everyone’s home year after year, becoming a family tradition for so many people who might never normally go to church.

It also makes me excited for the Luke 2 moments Newsong has prepared for this weekend. What a perfect intersection of cultures!! We have the kingdom culture revealed in Jesus, the church culture in our celebration of Christmas, and for anyone who doesn’t go to church, it’s a family tradition straight from Charlie Brown.

“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?!?”

Whether you go to church or not, I love how God always finds a way to bring the answer home to you.

PS we just posted a special version of our Christmas celebration at http://newsong.net/sermons/out-of-darkness-comes-creation/ – it’ll show every hour on the hour, so you can relive the magic of last Sunday or make it part of your holiday plans this weekend!

Merry Christmas!!!